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Bingo Game Review: Bingogodz

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Why write a review of a bingo game? Bingo is one of the most popular online games in the UK and has enjoyed 6 years of success. 

With the recent awards held at the Playboy Club in London, the online bingo industry, has awarded several bingo sites who garnered the most votes from the 100,000 online members of bingoport, the largest bingo comparison site. Since its inception, the number of players participating in bingo has increased by 80% in prwebs's report. So here’s a review of bingogodz, one of the popular bingo games available on your internet browser or through the Apple App Store and Android Play Store:


The game graphics are okay, with cartoonish designs and the use of colors that are easy on the eye. If you’ve been shopping around for an online bingo site, neon and bright colors can be quite tiring to look at after a while. The site itself has a modern Greek inspired design with the youtube commercial proudly headlining the page.


Forget about your regular bingo games, this software from Gaming Realms Ltd. is a step up from the traditional game we use to know. Apart from the gods that randomly give you bonuses on your bingo card or winnings, the use of adventurous gameplay where you have to complete a certain task in order to open up other levels (and other gods) is a common component of most console and PC games out there and are quite popular with the younger generation.


Since the game has multiple stages and several gods randomly appearing, depending on playing conditions and the time of the day, each game of bingo is definitely different from the next. Of course, since the site caters mostly to UK residents, a shortage of players is palpable if you operate on a different time zone.

All in all, it’s one of the better online bingo experiences you’ll get out there. Whether you’re a bingo purist or not, you’ll definitely enjoy the unique take on bingo offered by Bingogodz. (TIMExplore.com)

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