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Best Racing Games of 2014

Best Racing Games of 2014 - 3.0 out of 5 based on 2 votes
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Competitive racing seems to be a basic instinct and car racing games have always been popular. The computer games available get better and better in terms of quality visuals. Some game companies put games 

online for free, which can be very distracting when you're supposed to be working! These games can be addictive and hours have gone by before you know it.

You can find has online games for cars, monster trucks, bikes and dune buggies. 3D Rally Racing is one option, a car racing game with a choice of vehicles, terrain and conditions. Players can select Desert, Snow, Rain, Night or Forest etc. Dare Devil is a game for bikes that has rotate and back flip features. 4 Wheel Madness is a challenging landscape with undulating hills. There are also some fun Parking Games. The Oyunlari online games include monster trucks, box racers, and 4x4 rally. There is also a 3D Sprint Race and a game called Crazy Mustang. Other games include unusual situations, such as London Bus, Taxi Chase, Moon Buggy and Ice Road Truckers.

There are many different car racing games for different game systems. Speed Racer is for Play Station 2 and has a selection of 25 cars and drivers with 18 tracks and 6 different environmental conditions, including an exciting race through a Soviet rocket base. Gran Turismo 3 Play Station Platinum is the latest incarnation of this popular title. There are many vehicles to choose from and each one can be improved with the tuning option and supercharged to go very fast indeed. Up to 6 players can play simultaneously and there are several competitions and a Rally Section. This car racing game is known for its outstanding graphics and effects. The choice of tracks includes Deep Forrest, the Laguna Seca circuit and the Monaco Formula 1 track.

Nintendo Wii, in conjunction with Disney and Pixar, has developed Cars Mater - National, featuring Lightning McQueen and best friend Mater from the movie, Cars. There are 20 games and more than 10 multiplayer games. Players can compete against the one and only Lightning McQueen.

Speed Devils is a game for Sega Dreamcast and has some unusual features. 2 players can compete on a split screen, choosing from 17 drivers, all with their own personalities and driving styles. The three modes, Championship, Arcade and Multiplayer are great fun. Obstacles stand in the way of victory, such as UFOs and rock slides! There are options for different seasons, snow, rain or fog. As the player progresses, he or she can upgrade to a higher performance car.

In this electronic age, sometimes it feels good to get back to basics with a board game. The Really Nasty Motor Racing Game is a car racing game, designed for players aged 12 and above. The idea is to stop your opponents any way you can and that involves, oil spills, bad weather, tire punctures and other dastardly deeds! (TIMExplore.com)

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