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Most Popular Games of 2011

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The faster graphics accelerators and improving CPU technology resulted

in increasing levels of realism in computer games.Here we gives you some most popular games of 2011.



Dragon Age 2

Dragon Age 2 takes place a continent away from the first game. No longer in Ferelden, you take on the role of Hawke (who's either male or female, based on your choosing) and his/her rise to fame as the defender of Kirkwall.

Unlike the first game which had a straightforward story, Dragon Age 2 is the first Bioware game to feature an interesting narrative structure, split between embellishments and fact as a character recounts the tale of the game's protagonist. This time around, the story focuses not on some great evil that threatens the land. Instead, it focuses on the personal adventure of the protagonist and his/her companions.

Combat is largely the same as the original, though more action elements have been added for players keen on a more fast paced experience, while fans of the older game can stick to the tactical pause-and-play style of combat.

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