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How To Improve Efficiency At Workplace

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Each of us have our busy lives and in this world of constant distraction.

It was pretty difficult trying to stay focused when number of distractions which frequently interrupt your working groove.

Here are some tips to rise above the frequent distraction and improve your efficiency at work.

One Thing At Time

Multi tasking would mean you are giving only 33% of your efforts to each of task you are doing and the quality of output will be low for all task with more time spent on each of them. By doing 1 task at a time your brain will focus 100% on each task and you will accomplish it twice as fast.

Fast Five

When your mind is giving up, insist on reading a book or writing a project brief for five more minutes. Doing this will help building your mental stamina over a period of time and help you accomplish a given task with greater ease.

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