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Career Guide: Cruise Ship Jobs

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Cruising to exotic locations for a living sounds like a good idea and it can be a reality. Cruise ship jobs are in demand as the cruise industry has experienced resurgence. An average of seven liners a year is 

coming online and they keep getting larger. Entry level positions are available and applicants can apply their skills to life on the ocean waves. For many, it's a career and for others, it's a short-term experience. There are opportunities for students to work a summer job.

Luxury cruise liners are like floating hotels and they go to the Caribbean, Alaska or the exciting ports of Europe. The cruise ship jobs are well paid and every expense is met by the company. That means that employees receive free accommodation, food, medical care, and medical insurance. They also pay for the plane fare to the ship's port of embarkation and the return. Relatives of staff are offered cruise vacations at discounted prices.

Opportunities for employment are broken down into the various departments on board. The Deck Department has Deck Officers, including a First Officer and other ranks. Seamen, Bosuns and Security Officers also serve. The top position is, of course, the Captain! The Engineering Department requires a number of trades, headed by the Chief Engineer. There is a staff of engineers and electricians in addition to the Motorman, Fitter, Plumber and Wiper. Hotel Operations employs the Chief Purser and his assistants and the Shore Excursion Manager.

Passengers like to be entertained whilst on board and there are cruise ship jobs for singers, musicians, dancers, comics and DJs. There is also a stage crew behind the scenes. In the Galley, where the meals are prepared, there are the positions that you'd expect to find in a restaurant, such as a Sous Chef, Chef de Partie, and Pastry Chef. There is also a butcher and a dishwasher. Every liner has a Beauty Salon and Spa, which requires a beautician, hair stylist, nail technician and massage therapist.

Casinos are an important source of revenue for the cruises and a lot of fun for the passengers. The staff comprises croupiers, Slot Technicians and a Casino Accountant. There must b a contingency for crew members or passengers falling ill or getting injured and each liner has a doctor and staff of nurses. Various activities on board also open up cruise ship job opportunities, such as Fitness Instructor, Golf Instructor or Scuba Diving Instructor.

Every liner is only possible because of the hard work behind the scenes. The Housekeeping Department employs laundry staff, cabin attendants, floor supervisors and pool attendants. The Food and Beverage Department staff includes the Maitre D', waiters and waitresses, bartenders and bar stewards.

So, if you think you have the right qualities, a cruise ship job can be hard work but very rewarding and it's a great way to see a bit of the world and make new friends. It's definitely an experience that you won't forget. (TIMExplore.com)

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