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How to Select Best Equipment for Golf

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The different kinds of golf equipment can be a bit confusing for the novice. That's why a Beginner Golf Set is advisable. It makes the decisions easy and need not be too expensive.

The golfer needs time to develop and hopefully, he or she will gradually improve. Choose the clubs that are equal to your ability, then you can upgrade as you progress.

Getting the basics is the key and there is no need to buy a lot of different clubs to start with. For example, a typical Beginner Golf Set may contain a Fairway 3 Wood, 450cc Driver, Irons, Hybrid 4-Wood, a Silver Diamond Putter and a stand bag. Around 14 clubs should be sufficient. Some people may select long irons instead of the hybrid; it's a matter of personal preference. Many beginners have hybrids because they do the job of the fairway wood and the long iron in one club.

The sets sometimes come with accessories and extras, so look out for bargains. They almost always come with a basic stand bag. The set may also contain tees. There are many different brands of golf ball but the most expensive ones will probably not benefit the novice. The priority at this stage is to get distance on the ball, so the less expensive two-piece with a hard center is ideal.

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