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8 Ways to Burn Calories With Your Partner

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We all know that to burn calories and get fit right amount of movement is must. But if you play sports you get bored in a conventional manner, or from time to time you cannot do the amount of movement of the day, organize yourself with him!

Experts say- have sex and enjoy some romantic activities that helps burn calories. Let's see in detail what are the eight sexy ways to burn calories.

Make a Romantic Walk

Making a romantic walk with him can be a great way to burn calories. Walking for at least ten minutes, , helps you to burn 28 calories.

Doing Mattress Wrestling

Roll for at least five minutes in bed; it is a very effective exercise for weight loss. Playing and laughing with your partner you get to burn up to 50 calories.

Take a shower together

If you skip the gym do not skip the shower, which you usually do later. Take a shower together; it helps to eliminate 40 calories. Besides being very entertaining, it is also very useful.

Give Yourself at Least Ten Minutes Prior

The preliminaries are good for intimacy. Give yourself at least ten minutes of this practice; this will prove a great way to burn calories, 25 to be exact.

Give Him a Massage

Giving him a massage can be a great excuse to burn fat. Giving a massage for at least ten minutes will help you burn 48 calories.

Pamper Him

A steamy pamper for at least twenty minutes is a great way to burn up to 59 calories without even realizing it.

Make Love

Having a ratio of at least five minutes is a very satisfying and fun to get to burn up to 25 calories.

You Above

Put him above and make love, you get to burn up to 75 calories in it ... and what a pleasure. (TIMExplore.com)