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Tips for Body Massage

Massage increases blood flow to the muscles thus helps reduce muscle tension and stiffness.

Researchs shows that regular massage may also boost immunity by stimulating the production of blood cells. Massage helps you relax and improve your mental energy. It may also make you more productive at work. See the tips for Body Massage..

Use more massage oil on the soles of your feet and the palms of your hands to enhance circulation to the peripheries.

A full-body warm oil daily self-massage helps balance the body, mind and emotions.

A brisk daily dry massage with a raw silk glove can help break down cellulite deposits over time by enhancing circulation.

Enrich your massage oil with extracts of herbs for added benefit.

Sweet juicy fruits are excellent for cleansing and repairing the body.

Drink plenty of plain warm water to help flush toxins from the body.

Spring is the ideal time for a full-fledged internal cleansing program.

Regular, daily bowel movements are important. Psyllium seed husk can aid regularity.

Essential-oil-infused massage oils provide the dual benefit of massage therapy and aroma therapy.

Wait 5 -10 minutes after you apply the oil and before you shower for better absorption.

Massaging the lower arms, hands, lower legs and feet with a light massage oil can help relax you before bed.

A warm oil scalp massage, once or twice a week, stimulates the scalp and helps balance the mind. (TIMExplore.com)

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