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How to Increase Metabolism

Metabolism is the means by which our bodies assimilate food, building new living tissues, energy, and sifting out the waste products of the food we eat. 

It only makes sense that the more efficiently your body can change the food you eat into energy, the better able you'll be to burn those calories you eat. When you increase metabolism, your body produces energy more efficiently, resulting in calories being burned, rather than being stored as fat for a future use. So how do you increase metabolism? It's easy and is an old and familiar prescription: regular exercise in any form, results in an increase in your metabolic rate.

This is great news for people who want to lose weight. Eating foods which require more energy to digest than is contained in the food, creates an effective increase in metabolism as well. Let's see how some very ordinary changes in your lifestyle can increase metabolism and give you an edge in losing weight. Sure, the number of calories you ingest daily is the bottom line. However, you can combine exercise with judicious choices in the source of those calories, to quickly metabolize them, and double your success in the weight loss game.

For example, a salad containing 300 calories is going to make your body work hard to digest those greens and fiber content. You'll burn many of those calories before they ever think of being stored as fat. If you choose to ingest the same 300 calories in a load of fatty french fries, your body converts those carbohydrates into fat in no time. Your objective, to increase metabolism comes to naught and your body produces caloric stores which you have to deal with later, and labor more to expend those calories.

When you choose foods that require a great deal of energy to digest, you're doing your metabolism a favor. You can concoct the biggest chef's salad there ever was and it won't hold a candle to a pint of ice cream. The dinner plate sized salad fills you up and burns energy twice as quickly as that delectable bowl of ice cream.

Eating your vegetables en masse has several benefits. You're getting your antioxidants, a plethora of nutrients, fiber and plenty of energy. While the ice cream, no matter how dreamy to the taste buds, is full of sugar, goes right to your waistline, and must be dealt with later.

So picture this: fill up on foods which increase metabolism. Use this healthy dose of nutrients to increase metabolism in a two-fold purpose. Eat that giant salad, then go out for a jog around the neighborhood. Vacuum your house silly. Clean out a closet or tackle garage clutter. The ice cream treat leaves you with an ultimate sugar crash. The salad results in increased appetite, increased metabolism and weight loss! (TIMExplore.com)

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