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Tips for Perfect Exercise

The key is to stay within your comfort zone stop or slow down when you start breathing hard, breathing through your mouth,

or you feel you are straining. Here you will see the tips for perfect exercise..

Balance and mind-body coordination are key to experiencing the zone of peak performance.

Only exercise to 50% of your body’s capacity.

It is best not to exercise on a completely empty stomach some juice, milk or light fruit will help.

Ayurveda recommends yogasanas yoga postures and pranayam breathing exercises.

A brisk walk is beneficial for everyone. It calms nervous Vata energy, relaxes Pitta and stimulates Kapha.

Give your full attention to the process of exercising. Do not divide your attention by watching TV or listening to music while you are working out.

If you are a Vata type, light and thin, you need less exercise than Pitta and Kapha types. Low impact sports are best: dance aerobics, gymnastics, yoga and walking.

If you are a Pitta type with a medium build, a moderate amount of exercise is good. Sports that help you stay cool are best: swimming, surfing, skiing and ice-skating.

If you are a Kapha type with a large build you need regular, vigorous exercise. Sports that require stamina and physical endurance are best: aerobics, cycling, running, weight-lifting and football. (TIMExplore.com)

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