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Lose Fat with Workout

Have you ever wondered why you don’t lose weight as quickly as some people do, even though you workout three to four times per week and don’t eat as much as they seem to eat? 

It is all in the genome coding in our bodies and you should not beat yourself up over it too much, though there are some things you can do to help even the playing field. While you may never be able to run like Terrell Owens or throw a ball like Tim Lincecum, you can improve your range of motion, become stronger, and live a healthier life. Losing fat while eating the same things each day probably will not happen, but if you cut out just a few things and take a couple of hints on workout routines then you could find yourself getting more of the results you are currently lacking.

If your workout routines occur at the same time every day, for example, if you always work out in the mornings before going to work, then you need to change it up. The reason is that you need to trick your body. Experts agree that the body has something called muscle memory but it extends well beyond that even. The body is very resistant to change and once it gets used to moderate exercise at certain times of the day, believe it or not the body will metabolize differently at that particular time, causing the effect of the exercise to be severely diminished.

You need to fool the body by varying your workout routines and that means doing different exercises on different days and at different times of the day. If you want a really great result, try exercising a couple of hours after you finish a hard run or long jog. The body is used to you being sedentary at that time and will respond by giving you pain, but also by shedding the fat.

Muscle memory works another way too that you should be aware of. This is one of the reasons that many fitness gurus say that you need to put away the scale when taking up workout routines and dieting programs. What you do today will not be seen on the scale for three to five days from now and totally depends on the amount of exercise and dieting and what your metabolism is like.

Many experts are now sticking to the three day rule in order to fool the body. Again, put away the scale first, you won’t need to look at it for one week at least. The first day go out and do some light jogging for one hour or hill walking until you work up a good sweat. On the second day, at a different hour than your routine on the first day, go to the gym and lift light weights with lots of repetitions for at least one hour or until your shirt is soaking with sweat. The third day at a completely different hour, hit the treadmill or lifecycle at the gym but don’t lift weights. Throughout the three day period, don’t eat any sugar or oils. Everything else is alright. On the fourth day, you can go crazy and eat whatever you want. Don’t exercise at all the fourth day. On the fifth day, start the workout routines again, but try and vary the exercises. Keep up these workout routines for a month or so and you will see great results. (TIMExplore.com)

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