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Workouts Without Weights

There are so many people who want to get into better shape. This is probably the most common New Year's resolution of all time. Every year men and women promise themselves that they will do better. 

No more cookies, ice cream, candy, fast food and soft drinks. Just a lot of salads, water and working out. Hmm, unfortunately this does not seem to be working. The key is to motivate yourself. You have to do this daily so you will get off your butt, and you will start working out. You can begin burning off those unwanted calories with cardiovascular workouts, and toning up your arms, legs, abs and body with free weights workouts.

Not everyone has the same plan or goal when it comes to working out. You have probably noticed by now that girls tend to focus a little more on cardiovascular exercises in order to burn off fat, and men tend to focus on free weights workouts in order to get more buff. It is all linked back to what you think society expects from you. Women are expected to be thing and men are expected to be strong. Okay, regardless of these gender roles, you must keep in mind what it is you really want. If you want to start really shedding excess body fat, and gaining muscle power, then you need to incorporate both cardio routines and free weights workouts.

A balance is always the key to success, and a really nice physique. This is why there are so many popular programs like P-90 X out there these days. These types of fitness programs incorporate both cardiovascular workouts, as well as free weights workouts with simple dumbbells. One thing that many women and men appreciate about these types of exercise routines is that you do not need a lot of equipment. If you have some dumbbells and some floor space, you can typically get started right away. This makes your daily exercise regimen a lot easier, as well as a great deal more convenient, which is something that most people want and need.

There are all sorts of simple free weights workouts you can get into in order to strengthen and define your arms, legs, shoulders, chest and back muscles. Some of these are biceps curls, military presses, hammers, swimmers press, dumbbell presses, squats, lunges, and flies. These are all free weights workouts that can be accomplished with two dumbbells. You do not have to acquire a machine or a bench with a bar. It is often helpful to check out some simple step-by-step photos online to help you with these free weights workouts. This way you can get a good idea of how they are supposed to be executed right from the beginning. This will make the workouts more successful and safer as well. (TIMExplore.com)

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