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Innovative Workout Program at Gym

It's possible that you tend to avoid exercise because you don't have the time to take an hour or two out of your day for it. Gyms and health clubs today are trying to tap into a large and neglected market to help spread their business.

In record time, to give yourself a well-rounded workout in no time at all. Pretty soon everyone else caught on; the national fitness chains 24 Hour Fitness, Xpress Zone, and Town Sports International, a regional chain, whipped up the express 22 minute workout exercise regimes, and pretty much everyone else followed suit. The idea has been so successful that even the traditionally slow wellness concepts of yoga and spinning have caught on with 30 minute sessions. If they feel that they can't give you your money's worth in an all-around program in the time, they often offer you short sessions that focus on certain parts of the body that you need to train, your tummy, your legs and so on.

The rush workout idea is predictably popular; not least because people pay to exercise, and would rather spend as little time in the gym as humanly possible. Quickie workout exercise sessions aren't just for the hyper busy executive; they are also for people who just can't stand the idea of exercising, and would at least come in for a little something if they were promised that it would not last long. It can also be a great idea for people who have never exercised, and would like to start off slowly.

If this seems like an idea of its times, would it surprise you to know that the express workout exercise idea was born way back in the leisurely 90s? Gyms would advertise programs that promised to help you hop from one machine to another, all in record time. The idea wasn't popular back then. Today, it is an idea whose time has come. The idea makes sense, when seen in light of the recommendation of the Surgeon General that people need at least a 30 minute workout each day. More would be better, but this would be the absolute minimum required for a reasonable level of health.

Gym owners fully expect that the express workout exercise session is only going to be called that for a few more years; they see that the hour-long exercise session is on its way out. Pretty soon, the 20 minute or 30 minute exercise session is all there will be. (TIMExplore.com)

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