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Dating Tips for Women

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Dating can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a nerve wracking experience, particularly when it's a first date. Both men and women worry about making a good impression. Women spend more time worrying

about what they should wear, while men worry more about being entertaining and cool. This article is written with the women in mind. There's a lot more to consider than your costume. Here are seven dating tips for women that will get you asked out a second time.

1.Sure, you want to look nice, but many women go overboard. Dress appropriate to the occasion. If you're going to dinner and the movies, go for an understated, classy look. Now's not the time to wear that outrageous ruffled organza dress and big-brimmed white hat that might be better suited to a wedding reception. While this costume might be lovely, it will most likely make your date feel uncomfortable.

2.Some dating tips for women seem to be of the no-brainer variety, but this dating faux pas is so common, we're including it. If your date asks you to choose a restaurant, he'll surely appreciate it if you choose one with a more casual atmosphere, with a menu that won't cost him a week's pay. Italian, anyone? Besides, you'll both probably feel more at ease in a lively, rather than stuffy environment.

3.When women go out for a girl's night, they tend to gossip, talking about every juicy little tidbit they picked up over the last week. When you're going on a date with a man, bite your tongue if you think of some gossip you'd love to share. Save it for the girlfriends. Nothing bores a man more quickly than a woman who talks about other people's business. This might be one of the most important of our dating tips for women. Do not fall into the trap of bad mouthing! Men hate this.

4.On the other side of the dating tips for women coin, being a good listener will make your man happy. Draw him out, find out what activities he enjoys, his favorite musicians, accomplishments and such. Make a real effort to get to know who he is. After all, that's why you're going on a date, right?

5.If you tend to be the critical type, quash that urge! He absolutely doesn't want to hear how his tie is messed up or he took a wrong turn. Men equate this type of woman with nagging. All men hate nagging women!

6.No list of dating tips for women would be complete without mentioning the back seat driver. Men are notorious for refusing to ask for directions should they become lost. Should your date get lost on the Jersey Turnpike, heading for Pennsylvania when your destination is Manhattan, just leave it alone. He'll be sufficiently embarrassed as it is. Treat it like an adventure and don't make a big stink out of missing the off Broadway show for which he bought tickets.

7.The last of our dating tips for women involves taking the high road, in case your date turns out to be a complete dud, boring or just bad news. When this is the case, be gracious. Let the date die a natural death. If he invites you out for a drink after the movies, try something like, “Oh, you know, I'd like to, but I've got a project going at work and I've got to be in early.” Then, you make a quick and gracious exit. (TIMExplore.com)

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