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Dating Tips for Teens

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When teens start dating, it can be awkward. You may secretly feel uncomfortable, about what to wear, what to talk about, how to handle yourself and what to do if your date turns out to be a drag. 

This is all normal, especially when it's your first date with this person. It's always a good idea to give some first date ideas some thought. Going to the movies is probably the first date idea that comes to mind. What else? Here we've got seven alternatives to the movies. Each of these is designed to reduce those awkward moments with no conversation ongoing, allowing your surroundings and other people to provide topics of mutual interest, as well as relieving any discomfort or boredom you might experience if your date turns out to be a dud.

If you don't know your date very well, one of the best first date ideas is to go to the local coffee hangout. These places are typically crowded, with a plentiful supply of kids your own age. It's an inexpensive date as well. Grab a latte or a smoothie and a pastry and you're all set. It's easy for both of you to relax in this noisy, lively atmosphere. This date can be as short or long as you like. You get a chance to know one another, with a minimum of self consciousness.

If you both enjoy spectator sports, this can also make a great first date. While you can talk up a storm, it's not necessary – there's always the game to watch! Again, with lots of other people around, the atmosphere is lively and you're both much less likely to experience awkwardness.

Activities like skateboarding, roller blading, bowling and ice skating are inexpensive and fun. If neither of you has much expertise, it makes it all the more fun. In fact, if one of you is a champ and your date has no experience at, say, bowling, you can take one of two tacts: don't be a show-off and instead, patiently teach your date the ropes, or don't choose this first date idea at all. If you feel your date would end up flustered and feeling dumb, this isn't the one.

A walk at the beach or in the park can be romantic. In both cases, there's plenty to see to spark conversation. Inspecting the creatures in tide pools, or admiring the plant life in the park invites strolling hand in hand, or not, as you wish.

Who doesn't love a picnic? Scope out a local nature walk beforehand, bring your picnic and have your lunch in some scenic spot. Take bikes instead of driving. This is an especially good first date idea when you already know each other fairly well, as there won't be awkward silences.

Get tickets to a Little Theatre performance. Perhaps your date has never been to a theatre performance. Be the first to impress your date with something out of the ordinary! Go to a coffee house afterwards and chat it up.

Almost every teen loves to dance, so go to one of the teen center community dances for an almost failsafe first date idea. It's hard to worry about conversation gaps, or to feel self conscious. It's noisy and a guaranteed icebreaker. Dance your heart out. Even if a romance fails to develop, it's unlikely that either of you will have a bad time! (TIMExplore.com)

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