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How to Seduce Women by their SunSign

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Like many others, you might think that you need to know some kind of technique or routine to become a great seducer, but what you may not know is that techniques,

tricks or gimmicks have a way of messing up that raw natural magnetism that's within all of us. Here we will tell you how to seduce your woman by her sun sign.

Seducing the Aries

If you are sporty, strong and your ideas are firm, you're the right man! Arian women are strong and determined, but they love being protected and fondled. Give her lots of presents and she will be faithful. TIP: at your first dinner let her choose the restaurant.

Seducing the Taurus

If you are determined and patient you're the right man. Taurean women are jealous, extraordinary and fascinating, they love being flattered and courted. They like perfumes, so give her the best you can find and don't forget to use one when you're with her, because she will smell your skin. TIP: at your first date don't ask her to play tennis or to go for a walk: she's rather lazy!!!

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