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Armani Code Perfume for Women

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Every woman has at least three or four different perfumes that she uses on a regular basis, but only one signature scent. That's the go-to fragrance for special evenings, such as a first date, a dinner at an

upscale restaurant, or a black-tie gala. Obviously, a versatile product works best as a signature scent because you certainly don't want anything too light or too heavy for these occasions. This is probably the reason Armani Code perfume has been such a big hit since it debuted on the market a few years ago.

Armani Code perfume is almost always described as "sexy". It's one of those scents that is subtle yet seductive, and gives the wearer a lot of confidence. It's not overpowering, so you don't have to worry about leaving a telltale trail of fumes when you walk around, yet its presence is definitely noticeable to anyone who gets close to you. That's precisely what a woman wants from a fragrance, and in this regard Armani Code perfume delivers.

According to the official website, Armani Code perfume features a blend of warm scents that make the perfect combination. The predominant note is orange, as the special formula makes liberal use of orange blossom, African orange, sweet Italian orange, and Tunisian orange blossom. This sweetness is balanced by the addition of sandalwood and ginger, with the slightest hints of vanilla, honey, and jasmine sambac to complete the picture. Doesn't that just sound fabulously sexy? No wonder Armani Code perfume is a best seller!

The only potential drawback to Armani Code perfume is its price tag. As you might expect from a product carrying this label, it's a bit more expensive than comparable fragrances from lesser-known designers. But that's only assuming that you pay full retail price for it at a major department store -- and really, who shops like that anymore? If you buy Armani Code perfume online instead, you can enjoy significant savings and discounts. There are a number of online boutiques that carry this and other fragrances for a fraction of the amount you'd pay at the mall, and some of these places offer additional goodies such as free shipping or free samples in order to entice you to buy from them. This is a great way to save money and perhaps even discover a few amazing new perfumes in the process.

If you're looking for a new fragrance to become your signature scent, then you should check out Armani Code perfume. You'll love it for its light scent, subtlety, sexiness, and will be sure to turn heads when you wear it. Grab a sample today, and if you like it, treat yourself to a whole bottle of the eau de parfum -- because you're worth it! (TIMExplore.com)

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