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Proper Face Washing Procedure

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We're all living our lives at the speed of light, sometimes necessarily, sometimes not. In any case, many of us don't prioritize our daily tasks to our best advantage. 


One such task is the daily face washing. Another is taking the time to eat right. Neglecting these two simple undertakings can spell disaster to your complexion. Let's first take a look at the face wash and then get to the virtues of a good, healthy diet.

While you probably wash your face at least once a day, you should actually wash morning and evening. Plus, there is a right and wrong way to do this simple 5-minute task. Just wetting your face, sudsing up and rinsing won't get your skin truly clean and ward off blemishes. Here's how to do the job right in 5 minutes, tops.

Start with wetting the washcloth with water that's pleasantly warm to hot. Wring the excess water out and hold the washcloth over your face for just 2-3 minutes, replenishing the water as it cools. This opens the pores, where dirt and oils have lodged inside. Suds your face thoroughly with a mild soap.

Oatmeal soap is good for those with oily skin, while a lavender, glycerine or hypoallergenic soap is good for sensitive or dry skin. Rub the soap in with your fingers with a gentle circular motion, avoiding the areas immediately around your eyes. This skin is very delicate and by soaping there you can easily stretch this skin, leading to baggy or wrinkled skin later.

Rinse the skin well to remove all traces of soap. This is most easily done with a sopping wet washcloth with warm water, holding your face over the sink to catch the drips. Three rinsings should do it. Now soak the washcloth with cool water, squeeze it out and hold over your face for just 30 seconds or so. You've completed the correct process of a face wash.

All that's left is to protect the pores from invasions of dirt and oil during the course of the day. Use witch hazel, or if you prefer, a commercial cosmetic astringent to close the pores of your skin. For oily skin, you can leave it at that. For dry skin, follow up with a day cream formulated for the face.

Now for the diet factor. If you follow the correct face washing procedure to the letter, but eat poorly, you're still in an uphill battle. A good looking complexion also is dependent on the right nutrients to ensure good cell strength and regeneration. The most important of these vitamins and minerals include vitamins A, C, E and zinc. Where do you find these nutrients in abundance? You've probably guessed. Fruits and veggies. Produce also provides an abundance of fiber and antioxidant properties, which are best known as cancer fighting agents, in that they prevent free radical damage. (TIMExplore.com)

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