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Are You Eco Friendly?

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Going eco-friendly and doing up your home does not always have to involve a lot of money. There are simple things like rearranging your house,

getting rid of clutter, using bamboo furniture, that can give your home a new look without draining your wallet.

Bring in the Green

Bring some greenery in your home. You don’t need a large bungalow with a garden for this. Just get potted plants. Plant can brighten up your indoors or your window sill.


You don’t need to splurge on new furniture every time you want to spruce up your home, just recycle your old furniture. In that way you will also keep the planet green.

Rearrange your furniture

Change is always exciting. Since you cannot go out to purchase a whole new set of furniture every time you got bored with old set, you should just re arrange. Move things around and you will not only be able to clean hard to reach places but your home will look fresh and new. (TIMExplore.com)