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How to Clean Water From Your Computer Without Causing Damage

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If you're tempted to down a soda, water, glass of wine, coffee, or other liquid while typing away at your keyboard, may end up paying the ultimate price liquid spilled

into your computer from an accidental knock, a few drips or a dropped cup. If this happens, don't panic. Instead, follow these simple instructions as quickly as you can to try to salvage your computer.

The first advice is to keep liquids away from any electronic device. But if luck is not on your side and something falls on your laptop, be ready to intervene immediately, turn it off, unplug the power if it is connected and remove the battery. Avoid contact between the liquid and electric circuits are essential.

Fix this first emergency, immediately flips the notebook to the spread the liquid contained inside so it does go too deep into the material after that dry all the parts with paper towels or with a lint-free cloth.

If the drink is sweet, use cotton soaked in alcohol or in little 'of water and vinegar. Even a toothbrush is good for this purpose.

Some people recommend using a hair dryer or a vacuum cleaner to remove residual water, but this can damage your laptop by generating static shock hoops to sensitive electronic components of the computer.

Unfortunately, If your laptop is not designed to defend itself from the liquid then prepares the screwdriver and open it. Dry everything with paper or cloth towels and cotton buds.

After remounted it, the temptation will be irresistible to turn it on,. Restrain your curiosity and give it a moment to recover from the shock (two to four days depending on the damage). If Despite your diligence and your commitment, the notebook doesn’t show any signs of life, you know how it works: try knocking on the doors of the technical. (TIMExplore.com)