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Tricks & Tips to Create Unbeatable Online Password

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The online life, and beyond, is dotted with keywords that protect access to sensitive data and services.

A combination of letters and numbers that if you discover is seriously compromise your security. Here's how the most geeks can "guess" and how to make sure they fail.

Your data will certainly not be targeted by groups such as Anonymous, but you know someone who might, if only for curiosity, or scarring, may take the trouble to enter your account e-mail or Facebook. If you use the password that is contained in a dictionary or a combination of consecutive keys on the keyboard - QWERTY or poiuyt - there are tools that take advantage of the "brute force" to locate it through thousands of possible attempts. Then there are the security questions - such as your mother's name - which can be deduced with some targeted research, or even passwords, "simple" type your name, age or number 123456, which are still used in many.

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