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Linux for Beginners

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Linux is the wave of the future. Unfortunately, the future keep stubbornly refusing to arrive. You see, the very strengths of Linux – the strengths that make it vastly superior to other operating systems out there for 

personal computer users – are also its weaknesses. Linux is free – you can download, modify, sell, and do anything else you want with it. As a result of this, there is an incredibly expansive and dedicated network of geeks who devote huge amounts of spare time modifying their Linux systems. Because of these hobbyists, Linux security is much better than Windows or Mac, the operating system runs faster, and it is constantly updated and improved. Unfortunately, this results in problems for computer users who are not very tech savvy.

You see, even with the Linux tutorial, running this operating system is sort of like owning a car that will only work if you know everything about how it runs. Most end users don't want to put in this amount of effort. Linux tutorials or no, they want something that they can sit down at, figure out easily, and have run dependably. Although there are some strains of Linux that are approaching this level of functionality, the vast majority of it is built by hackers for hackers. Bad old Microsoft Windows – that unstable, unsecured, badly programmed and bloated operating system, will be around for a long time because the Linux community can not get its act together and come out with a single standard for your average user.

Nonetheless, a good Linux tutorial can definitely help. The other day, I installed the Linux tutorial on my computer to help me learn Ubuntu Linux. It was pretty extensive, but it had a very useful multitiered approach. If you are new to Linux and only want to learn the basics, you can go through a program that will teach you that alone. If, on the other hand, you want to learn Linux commands inside and out, it will guide you through a more detailed course of study. Because it is multilevel, the Ubuntu Linux tutorial can grow with you.

In addition to the tutorial, I downloaded an Ubuntu Linux guide. That particular dialect of Linux, you see, is meant for neophytes like myself. After a few hours struggling with the program, I was able to learn to find my way around the operating system pretty well. The Linux command tutorial didn't tell me everything, but it told me enough. And enough, after all, was all I wanted. (TIMExplore.com)

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