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Mystery of Neon Light

If you have every been into a pub or a tavern, you probably know what neon light is most often used for. Neon signs are often used to advertise all sorts of different drinks, beers, and other related things.

Most don’t know what neon lights are used for other things as well, and you can even have something made special if you can afford to do so. Neon is a unique gas that gives off a look that is very easily identifiable, and it is rather surprising that it is not used more often for other applications.

The neon lights you see in most bars is a bright light that is hard to miss. This is why many don’t have them in their windows in residential areas. They can be awfully distracting to drivers. They don’t give off a strong light, so to speak, but they do glow in a way that is hard to miss. I don’t think there is any law against having them, but most don’t. If anyone has neon lights in their home, they generally have them away from windows. Most won’t even have them in the main living area, but they may like them for places like the garage or basement when those spaces are used for casual entertaining or as a work space.

Neon lights are made with a closed tube of glass that can be bent into almost any shape. This is important. If there were to be a hole, the gas would leak and nothing would glow. Because there is only a small amount needed for the light to glow, even a tiny leak will mean the light is useless. This gas is stimulated by the electricity that will flow through the finished sign. It doesn’t take much to get the gas moving, and the energy mixing with the gas then creates the unique glow everyone associates with neon lights.

Neon is also used in some places for the outsides of theaters and other attractions so they can be as bright as they can be without blinding people. They can be used to light billboards, but that is becoming less and less common as different types of lights are being used that have a better result. You may also notice some places have neon lights for advertisements that have nothing to do with drinking, though that is the most common association most have. At the very least, a neon sign saying ‘open’ is a great way to attract attention. (TIMExplore.com)

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