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Business Gadget: Laptop Vs Tablet

Businesses approaching their replacement cycle for aging desktop and notebook PCs are asking whether they can move to tablet devices.

With the trend towards 'bring your own device' taking hold, employees increasingly want to use their own personal tablets and smartphones.

Small business owners clearly have a decision to make, but need to take care, as the IT in use must be integrated to provide the most efficiency. Now laptops are giving way to tablets and even smartphones. But what’s the right solution for your business needs? Let’s look at a few scenarios.


If you’re largely desk based and rarely get out of your chair except to visit the cafeteria at lunchtime, a laptop is the obvious choice. If it largely stays in your office, or just comes home at weekends, you may find a mobile workstation or even an all-in-one desktop suits best.


The tablet is a clear winner in meetings. A stylus lets you use it as a virtual notepad and it’s easy to hand around. Tablet operating systems tend to be more discreet if someone can see over your shoulder as there are less folders and file trees to spy.


Tablets and apps are advancing, but a laptop remains the best for hooking up a PowerPoint to a large monitor. And if there’s no large screen available, or technical issues with connecting to it, a laptop’s bigger screen will be a better stand-in monitor.


Lighter and more portable, the tablet is the winner here. Pair it with a Bluetooth keyboard, and you have yourself a “micro laptop” for more keyboard-intensive tasks.


A tablet’s light weight and compact form factor make it attractive for business travellers, but if you need an “office away from home”, the fuller features and higher power of your laptop may make its extra weight worthwhile.


We’ve all seen that sales guy at trade shows or conferences, awkwardly trying to prop his laptop up on one arm and type with his free hand while he tries to display information to customers. Go for a tablet – a touchscreen device makes this slick and easy and vastly more impressive.


Hardcore gamers may require the grunt of a high-end laptop, but for everyone else the tablet is an ideal media player, e-book and e-magazine reader and casual gaming device.

Whether you need a laptop or can get away with a tablet depends entirely on your personal business needs. But as technology improves, key productivity apps become multiplatform and syncing woes are ironed out, you may find that using both devices is the answer. (TIMExplore.com)

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