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Victoria Lomba: Interview

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What mistakes did you make as a beginner and How difficult it was to begin?

The most important mistake was committed as a beginner train many times a week without a goal in my head and look just the diet. This is a common mistake among beginners because they do not have a professional on your side who advise them. Any change when I put in the hands of my physical trainer and my personal counselor and Hidetada Yamagishi Francisco Sanudo helped me achieve my goals.

Your tips, how people can stay dedicated?

Train the right time, fast and very intense workouts. Adjust the amount of calories needed by your body and cardiovascular exercise every day. You can never see your ABS but eat very clean. No matter how exerted most importantly do the feeding.

What are You Most proud of?

I am proud to be a mother and maintain a good physique. It is not easy to care for my family and be a pro. Everyone expects a lot from me and I like to keep up on what my sponsors need. I am proud that they trust me.
You are very popular and well -known women in fitness industry.

What advice would you give to an upcoming girl trying to suceed in This Hard industry?

My advice is to go step by step. The rush is not good. There are many good people in the world of fitness but also too much rivalry and jealousy. We all want a good contract but this contract only comes with time and sacrifice. Some want to go very fast using shortcuts, and that never works. Work hard and sure people and sponsors reach you.

You work with a lot great photographers. What are you favorite shoots?

I have worked with many photographers from around the world. Europe and USA Bertraind certainly Silvain de Paris with my work for Playboy France was one of my favorites. There are many others with whom I like to work as Chris Z Photography.

What types of cardio have worked best for you ?

Depends on the time of year and my goals , always try to be in shape and not longer than three kilos over my competition weight. I outdoor aerobic every day and increase cardio time when an important date is approaching. Work minimum of 45 minutes of cardio daily.

What is your favorite exercise and why?

Certainly my favorite exercise is squats. This exercise power my ass. Squats and all leg exercises are essential to achieve good symmetry.

Musik What do you listen while working out ?

I like all kinds of music, hip- hop, rap, house music but not always sometimes hear the background sound of the gym makes me concentrate more.

What does your diet consist of ?

I control much intake of carbohydrates, adjusted much calories depending on my professional commitments. If I travel, if I have photo shoots and I can not train what you need on the amount of daily calories.
I note in my notebook every thing I eat. And I value my coach weekly. No I exceed the 2gr . of protein per kilo of body weight and only as carbohydrate breakfast and the rest of animal protein food chicken, turkey, fish and many vegetables.

What is your training routine like ?

My workout routine changes every two weeks. The first two weeks I divide my training at maximum intensity muscle groups and many repetitions, the third week working combo and many Crossfit style exercises. Week four combo working to maximum intensity , maximum weight and low reps.

What supplements would you recommend, if any ?

For me the best are the BCASS supplement pre -workout and post -workout and a good protein Isolate along with a good fat burner to activate. I personally do not need more. The rest I provides natural foods.
Tell us more about what you want to Achieve in the future and the "label" Victora Lomba !

My main goal is to be a better person every day and help people achieve their goals. I wish I could travel more , meet more interesting people and my plans for the next 2014 is to a counseling center for athletes in the city of Mexico DF . Mexico I like and is very close to the U.S. so I can constantly traveling to cities like Miami , Las Vegas and Los Angeles where I have great friends. (TIMExplore.com)